High-End Photoshop Editor

Family Trees & Group Photos

You provide the photos, I provide the tree!

These family trees make affordable and unique gifts. 

You provide your family photos and the background (if desired). I can do the rest, including adding a suitable tree. We can even include your beloved pets (past and present).

Framed or unframed, they are a wonderful keepsake.


Family Tree Photo Service NZ

Composite pictorials

With my professional portraits retouching service, I can drop in family members missing from your group or add a smile or replace someone. I will also remove excess elements that are interfering with the group shot. Skin tones are matched to look good so the red or yellow cast is corrected and if there is not enough background, that is easily fixed.

The panoramic group photo below was printed on a sheet of metal and looks amazing in real life. There are so many fun possibilities. 

These family shots make excellent gifts for special family birthdays and anniversaries.