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I can provide what you won't get from other photo editors...

I have a reputation for expert wedding photo retouching. I achieve a natural colour and perfect result in every image. Not only can I add extra sparkle to your favourite images, I can even fix wedding pictures by adding or removing elements (including people) to ensure they are your treasured memories. Read client testimonials here

Magazine work is a speciality – my high-end Photoshop editing service will match skin tones and colours such as sky, grass and water so they all work naturally together (without being identical) in order to ceate a smoother colour flow throughout the page. I always remove or correct all imperfections in the shots at the same time. No more red or jaundiced skin tones.

I provide full professional photo editing and retouching services. This includes digital photography retouching, old photo restoration, black & white photo retouching, wedding photo retouching, glamour photo retouching, portrait effects and much more – complete photo finishing services for photographers, agencies, web designers and the general public.

My photo restoration service can bring back faded or torn photos to their former glory.

Photo retouching can be in CMYK or RGB – you choose which option you will need for printing and you will then see exactly how your image will look. No colour changes – no mistakes.

Profile matched – let me know what colour profile your printer uses and I will provide the same. Once again – no mistakes.

You will get maximum enhanced detail in all dark and highlighted areas, to give full clarity to your artwork.

I won't just blur away any imperfections – all textures will be kept in subtle areas, such as fine materials and skin tones. A lot of artists just blur these away. With my work, you will be able to enlarge the image on your own screen to any size. It will still look great.

My computer screens are all colour-managed. I know how the images will look even before they touch the paper or canvas that they are to be printed on.

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No matter what your photographic challenge is, I can sort it.