High-End Photoshop Editor


This photo portfolio provides just a few examples of my high-end photo retouching services: masking and clipping paths, motion effects, adding/removing objects, glare and red eye removal, crystal effects for crystallization, real estate photo enhancements, adding/removing backgrounds and borders, reflection effects and much more. 

Click on an image below for the slideshow view and enjoy scrolling through the afters and befores...


Many of the images and ads you will see on this site (especially the agency work) have been created by a team which would include designers, photographers, art directors to name a few. I haven't mentioned names and the images I have chosen are some of my favourites I have worked on over the past 20+ years. Of course some people don't like it to be known that their images have been retouched (even if it is obvious to experts!). To the best of my knowledge, none of these images are in use on this site. However, if any photographer or agency is no longer happy with an image being used, please let me know and it will be removed. All images are copyright-protected and must not be re-used elsewhere in any form.