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Writing a Book?

This is perhaps one of my favourite types of jobs to do... watching a life history unfold in front of you. Seeing people's lives through their pictures is so interesting. I find it a joy to perfect these pictures so that the final images in the book will inspire people to write their own books.

Many of the photos I wanted to include in a life story that I was writing had things wrong with them, e.g. strange people inhabiting the image, poor composition, or 'could be anywhere' type photos. Rob weaved his expertise magically, promptly and without fuss. Highly recommended.

Geoff Cole

Let the pictures tell your story.

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Meeting Royalty in Japan

Meeting royalty in Japan

Nelson - winning president in 1981

Nelson - winning president in 1981

In Rhodes, Greece

Rhodes, Greece

Menam Hotel, Bangkok

Menam Hotel, Bangkok